Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Fishing Report for Dec 30th

Yesterday I took James and Joseph out looking for one of those huge tunas that Jerry and his crew caught the day before. We found the tunas but they were only the 30 pounders that we frequently find in huge schools. As the tuna crashed baits in and around the school of spinner dolphin we rigged some artificial baits on spinning rods and commenced to do battle. Joseph as usual showed his fish fighting capabilities by putting several in the boat while James caught one on a fly rod. All I managed to do was bust a spinning rod by high sticking it.

Now that our backs were all hurting we decided to pull up and go inshore and try for some roosterfish. It started off slow but picked up pretty quickly when a rooster slammed my bait. It ate the whole thing and never gave me a chance to stick the hook in it. But then he went for Joseph's bait and the fight was on! After a 20 minute battle Joseph pulled the big roosterfish up alongside the boat where Marco pulled it in for a photo. You know it's a nice fish when Jose comes down off the bridge to get in the photo. We estimated the fish at 50 pounds.

This fish was Joseph's first roosterfish but as big as it was Charlotte still holds the house record for biggest roosterfish at about 75 pounds.

We're taking a couple of days off for our New Year's fiesta. Jerry is out today so we'll have a report later this afternoon.

The Frenzy continues ...


Monday, December 29, 2008

Fishing Report for Dec 29th - 285 Lb. Yellowfin Tuna!!!

Today Jerry and his crew went out for some sailfish but managed to hook up to a whopper of a yellowfin tuna. Babs worked the fish for about 45 minutes but it was Jerry's son "Cowboy" who 3 hours later wrestled the monster to the boat where mate Marco and Capt. Jose stuck it with the flying gaff. An hour later we met them at the dock and took this photo. The photo simply does not do the fish justice. It was 83 inches long and 52 inches in girth. That's 285 pounds of pure tuna!!! Frenzy strikes again...

So what do I usually do with fresh tuna? Yep, we took it to our favorite waterfront restaurant in Quepos, El Gran Escape, where we feasted on sashimi appetizers and grilled tuna for our main course. As usual the chefs at El Gran Escape came through for us. Nice work guys! Leftovers will be turned into tuna salad by Willy's wife Jaime.

Come on down there are many more swimming where this one was caught!

Tomorrow I am taking my boys down to Dominical for some rooster fish action. They will have to be mighty luck to beat the house record of 70 pounds set by their sister Charlotte last spring.


Sunday, December 28, 2008

Fishing Report for Dec 28th

Today I fished the Frenzy with Joseph and my tournament partner Kerwin. We raised about a dozen sails. The fish were biting the flys very lightly so we rigged a shotgun bait to try and catch the stragglers that were likely cruising back 100 yards behind the boat. That worked and Joseph caught 2 sails on conventional tackle while I went 0 for about 5 on the fly. Not my best performance by any means but not untypical when they are finicky. Photos and a short video will get added to this post tomorrow. Dinner time now!

Fishing has been good this month and we fully expect the 2009 season to be great. Keep following the blog for updates!


Thursday, December 25, 2008

Kerwin's Fishing Report

Kerwin had a great day on the water! Kerwin and his two children, Olivia and Ian, caught 3 sailfish and a few mahi mahi! Hey Kerwin how about a photo? We'll be joining them in two days and looking forward to some great fishing!

Updates will be posted all week long!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Kerwin out today

My partner Kerwin is out today on the FRENZY looking for some sails and whatever else may show up. The weather is great now and fishing is as well so I look forward to hearing a catch report and seeing a photo this evening after he returns to the dock.


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Welcome to the Frenzy Sportfishing blog. Here you will find frequent posts from me and other members of the Frenzy Sportfishing team as well as an occasional guest blog. We'll be posting fishing photos of course, but also photos of anything in Costa Rica that we want to share with you.

Stay tuned!