Friday, January 29, 2010

GIFT Tournament - Day 4 - Frenzy Wins!!!

The Frenzy Team

For the second year in a row the Frenzy team wins the GIFT Tournament. The team's 4 day total of 19 releases put the team on top. After a challenging start with only 2 fish on day 1, we managed to catch 4 on day 2, 5 on day 3 and 8 on the last day.

Day 4 began with us plying some beautiful blue water about 40 miles off the coast of Quepos. We picked at the fish all day long, starting with a hungry small sail about 9 am. Shortly after that we hooked up a double header with Kerwin masterfully making quick work of his fish while mine headed for Nicaragua. We caught the double header thanks to Jose's boat handling skills and a lot of reeling on our part.

A hot sail tailwalks towards the Gamefisher II

Despite our lead going into the last day, Kerwin and I watched the clock and nervously listened to the radio for catch reports. As we released fish after fish we knew things were looking good for us. We missed a couple of bites that would have been good to catch but thankfully we didn't need them. In the end we caught 8 for the day and a total of 19 for the tournament. I won the Bill Barnes award for Outstanding Angler.

Marco watches while Kerwin grinds it out with the last fish of the tournament

Marsha and everyone at El Gran Escape really worked hard to put on a terrific tournament. All the anglers were commenting on what a good time they have had this week. As I have already said, it was so nice to be able to back into a slip and enjoy some post fishing dock time. Thanks again to he guys at Marina Pez Vela.

And a special thanks to the crew of the new Frenzy 43. Captain Jose did a superb job of finding the fish and positioning us each day as the body of fish moved with the moving water. Mates Marco and Glenn worked together to manage the cockpit and expertly tease fish to the boat. A "high five" to my fishing partner Kerwin who spent the week tying leaders and making sure all the technical aspects of our effort were in place. His last fish for the tournament was well over 100 pounds and took a lot of patience and skill to catch. There is no crew I would rather fish with. Pretty work guys!!!

Now it's time to head back to the US for a week before returning for another crack at those sails and to catch some of the whopper dorado we had to pass up all week.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

GIFT Tournament - Day 3 - Frenzy maintains the lead.

Today was a good day for the Frenzy 43. We managed to pick at the fish all day and catch 5 out of 7 bites. We missed an opportunity on a double header but that's fishing. We have the lead going into the final day so we'll see where we are at 4 pm tomorrow. It's been a great week with a fair sailfish bite and some marlin seen and hooked. Tres Hermanos had a marlin on at 1 pm and still on at dark tonight. Not sure if they caught it or not. We will find out at the dock in the morning.

On the 35 Frenzy II, Lee and Stanley raised a small blue that failed to bite. Unfortunately not much other than that. They are still in second place.

Tonight we had appetizers at El Gran Escape that were provided by Marina Pez Vela. Though not open yet, the marina has allowed us to dock the boats there during the tournament. That has really added a lot to the fun of the tournament. Thanks Harold and Co.

Thank goodness tomorrow is the last day...

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GIFT Tournament - Day 2 - Frenzy takes the lead

After two days of fishing the Frenzy boats are in 1st and 2nd place. On day 2 Kerwin and I got some good bites and manged to catch 4 taking our total to 6 and putting us in first place on the Frenzy. On the 35, Stanley hooked a nice 200 lb blue marlin but pulled the hooks.

We'll see what Day 3 brings as we are at the halfway point in the tournament!

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Monday, January 25, 2010

GIFT Tournament - Day 1 - Frenzy II takes early lead!!!

The Frenzy II (35) jumped out to an early lead in the 2010 GIFT Tournament by releasing 4 sails. Captain Rafa Solano, anglers Lee and Stanley and mates Yohan and Will put on a clinic on how to catch sails on fly today. Pretty work boys! Now you guys got 12 other boats, including the new Frenzy, dubbed the "Super Frenzy" by Marsha (El Gran Escape Restaurant), chasing you. Stay on 'em guys!!! By the way Marsha the tira misu was wonderful.While the 35 was catching fish the rest of the fleet saw practically nothing. Kerwin and I managed to catch a couple putting us in a 2 way tie for third place we think. We'll see in the morning after all the reports have been tabulated. Buenas suerte to all the teams.

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

GIFT 2010 - Practice Day 1

As the alarm rang at 5:30 am I awoke to the sound of a howler monkey outside my room and was quickly reminded that I am in Costa Rica and there is no need to get up and let the dogs out!

Kerwin and I are here to defend our title as winners of last year's GIFT Tournament. Last night we saw many of our old friends at dinner at El Gran Escape. Today is our first day of practice on the new FRENZY, the 43 Maverick express. In fact it's the first day fishing for this boat. Our good friends Lee and Stanley are fishing the Frenzy II and they are very capable of winning this tournament on my old boat.

An update will be posted after fishing today.

Update: So we went out and dragged teasers for a while. We raised 3, got 1 bite but pulled the hooks. Then about 1 we blew out a transmission seal and had to come home. They are working on it today so we should be good to go for the start of the tournament tomorrow. I am happy to report that the air conditioning works very well on the new 43!!!

Lee and Stanley caught a nice dorado so we ate good last night at El Gran Escape. Thanks guys!

The Frenzy continues ...