Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pink prevails!

Once again the Frenzy pink fly does it's trick on the Quepos sails. You can't imagine how many fish we saw today. I was frustrated early with the weak bite I was getting. My typical MO is to start with the blue fly and use it until 10:30 AM at which time I switch to this pink fly. When I couldn't get a bite on the blue fly I went and pulled out our tournament bag and started looking at my options. As usual I went with the pink streamer and rigged it with a pair of 7/0 hooks. The next fish came in quickly, Marc and Luke jumped in and timed it perfectly as the fish gave me a tremendous right to left bite. I jammed the 7/0's in hard. The sail headed for the horizon as we picked up the guys. After some fabulous jumps at the boat, all caught on film, we released the sail at boatside. There was much more action to the afternoon. Read about it on Marc Montocchio's blog when it's posted at

The Occhio Frenzy continues...

Jamie Walker

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Picking up the pieces...

Marc Montocchio examines a piece of flotsam we picked up this afternoon on the way back to Quepos. There was a bunch of plastic floating on a "trash line". Think about this the next time you buy a bottle of water.

The Occhio Frenzy continues...


Day 3 of the Occhio Frenzy

What a day!!! We raised a few, jumped in the water on some, but nothing panned out on the sails today. However in typical Frenzy Sportfishing fashion the day provided some treasure in the form of a huge log floating about 25 miles offshore of Quepos. We jumped in and filmed the remarkable array of life swimming around the log. There must have been hundreds of fish of all descriptions calling the log home. We even saw dorado (mahi) down about 25 feet. There were yellow fin tuna down about 50 feet. Simply spectacular! Watch the video for a mere sense of the frenzy that was available to us.

See it on You Tube at

The Occhio Frenzy continues...

Jamie Walker

Monday, April 11, 2011

Occhio Adventure - Day 2 on the water

Marc coming out of the water after getting the shot!
We left the marina this morning with high hopes. But I'll have to admit that I was more than a little concerned about the morning cloud cover we had. We blew past the Furuno as I watched 5 boats sitting on top of one of my favorite fishing holes. We ate pizza while waiting on the sails to show. Marco and I discussed knots, crimps, hooks, you name it. Suddenly a sail came crashing in on the long teaser and the guys quickly got their gear on and jumped in as the boat came to a stop. Fortunately the sail cooperated and Marc and Luke were able to spend 5 minutes in the water with this fish. Marco and Mako threw teasers and live bait at the sail as he went back and forth from teaser to livie, at times crushing the livie and going back to the teasers. What a fabulous opportunity we were presented today. Check Marc's shots at

Follow us this week as we continue to pursue what has never been done before.

And when you have a chance ask me about the marlin that would have gobbled up a fly today. The Frenzy continues...


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bills and Pixels - Day 1 on the water

Day 1 of the Occhio adventure found us about 30 miles offshore in the typical flat calm Pacific Ocean off Quepos. We started the day with a meeting in the cockpit discussing our tactics for teasing sails in close enough for Marc to get the shot he wants while Luke shoots video of the whole process. The first two fish we raised didn't show enough interest to warrant the guys jumping in but they gave us a chance to work on our timing. The next fish showed up right where I like them to appear, on the short right teaser. After chomping on that one he switched to the left teaser as Marc and Luke jumped in. The sail did a few turns all lit up but not close enough for good shots. We retrieved the guys and threw out the teasers again.

We ended up raising a few more, getting our timing down and getting Marc and Luke in the water. While we didn't get the shot that Marc is looking for we felt like our day was a success. We just need a bit more cooperation from the fish!

Upon our arrival in Quepos we were greeted by an afternoon rain shower. This gave Marc a chance to jump in the pool, rinse his cameras off and see if there were any sails in the pool. 

We're back at it tomorrow as the Occhio Frenzy continues...

Jamie Walker

Bills and Pixels - Arrival Day

And Jose thinks I bring a lot of camera gear on the FRENZY!

Jenny and I have arrived at Casa Carolina with Marc Montocchio and Luke Pearson for a week of photographing free swimming sailfish as they attack a fly. Our plan is to tease them up as usual for flyfishing then Marc and Luke will jump in the water to film and photograph the sailfish as we pull the fly over Marc's head. With luck Marc won't get speared by a lit up sailfish as it comes barreling past him chasing the fly. 

Follow us all week long as we attempt to do what has never been done with sailfish. Marc's blog link is

The Frenzy continues...

Jamie Walker