Monday, October 25, 2010

35' Frenzy II Gets a new coat of paint

Captain Rafa has been busy the last 6 weeks prepping the Frenzy II for the upcoming high season. She's been given a new coat of paint and really shines. We have to paint these boats every 3 to 4 years because we fish so hard and catch so many billfish that the paint literally wears off. Lots of bill marks from releasing fish. I consider this a good thing!

I am putting together a tackle order for Rafa as he needs some new teasers. We use mostly Moldcraft Wide-range lures for teasers. After a couple of seasons they start to fade and even though they probably work as well as new ones we don't leave anything to chance! I like to have to best tackle we can get on the 35 and the 43. We buy most of our tackle from Jeremy at Atlantic Game and Tackle in Charleston, SC as he seems to always have what we need or can get it easily.

Well the 35 will be back in the water in a week or so and ready for another year of catching and releasing marlin and sails at the hand of Captain Rafa Solano. I expect that Rafa will have his first marlin of the year by December 10th. Last year the first week in December saw a pretty good marlin bite and also a bunch of big dorado were caught, including the 50 lb dorado that I caught on the fly aboard the 43.

More to come as the Frenzy continues...