Thursday, December 23, 2010

The marlin bite continues!!!

The Frenzy into a school of Yellowfin tuna!

You would think that with this month's strong marlin bite I would have updated the blog sooner. I have always said that December should have at least 45 days in it! Oh well, better late than never so here goes:

You already know about my friend Bobby who fished one day and caught his first marlin. Jenny and I went down right afterwards and only had one day to fish with Rafa on the 35. We were trying to get Jenny a marlin on fly but unfortunately none showed up that day. Apparently the marlin were a few miles away as one boat saw 6 that day. We did catch some yellowfin up to about 40 pounds on fly! That was a blast. Photo and some rigging advice will follow in a separate blog.

The Kosloski family had 4 tremendous days of fishing with Jose and Marco on the 43.Their four days went like this:
     Day 1: 1 blue marlin, 1 striped marlin, 1 sailfish and 14 yellowfin tuna
     Day 2: 1 blue marlin, 3 dorado and 7 yellowfin tuna
     Day 3: 1 blue marlin, 1 sailfish, 1 dorado and 3 yellowfin tuna
     Day 4: 2 sailfish and 2 dorado (What, no marlin?)

All in all a fantastic trip for the Kosloski family and a prime example of why we believe that early December is a fantastic time to come fishing with Frenzy Sportfishing if you're trying to catch a marlin.

Our friend Harold Lovelady caught a nice blue on fly the same week! Pretty work there Harold. Practicing up for the upcoming GIFT tournament are you? I'll have to keep my eye on you.

The next couple of charter days saw some fair action on fly with our charter clients catching a nice striped marlin on fly and missing a blue on fly.

Then there was my buddy Chris who went down with 3 of his buddies to celebrate their 40th birthdays. Chris had planned 1, maybe 2 days of fishing but ended up fishing three days with Rafa on the Frenzy II. Their 3 day total of 2 blue marlin, a whopper of a striped marlin, 5 sailfish and a few dorado ensured that they had a great time coming to Costa Rica for their birthday celebration. I have been promised a bunch of photos, but so far this is what I have...

So as you can see the December marlin bite has once again proven that this is a great time of year to be fishing Costa Rica with Frenzy Sportfishing.

We have a few open days in January - April but they are filling fast! Contact Willy to make a reservation ( and come experience Frenzy Sportfishing!

The Frenzy continues as my partner Kerwin leaves today for a week of chasing billfish and having a great time with his family at Condo Del Mar.


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A marlin for my pal Bobby!

My good friend Bobby from NYC is staying at Casa Carolina this week and decided that he would go fishing on the Frenzy 43. Before he left the dock Monday he told Willy that all he really wanted was a marlin, but that some other fish would be good too! Now most folks say that jokingly but I have know Bobby for 25 years and Bobby wanted a marlin. So Capt. Jose took Bobby out to the Furuno for some live bait fishing. After Marco caught and rigged some live bonito Jose slow trolled the baits out to some deeper water.

Not too much later a nice 250 pound blue marlin granted Bobby's wish by eating one of the bonito. Bobby is a pretty good angler so he managed to bring the marlin to the Frenzy in short order. A nice way to start the day. Pretty work Bobby!

After the release Marco tossed the baits from the tuna tubes back in the water and Jose started the slow trolling routine again. A little while later a sailfish comes calling and rewarded Bobby with a nice pacific sailfish. By this time Bobby is saying to Jose and Marco, "Hey what else you got swimming out here?" Jose finds a school of yellowfin tuna and Bobby proceeds to catch 6. Just enough for fresh sashimi by the Casa Carolina pool and a nice fillet for dinner. The rest was enjoyed by Jose and Marco and their families.

By now Bobby is thinking that he's hot stuff so Jose has Marco rig some bottom rigs and puts Bobby on a huge amberjack! They are not called "reef donkeys" for nothing! That slowed Bobby down a bit for sure! But Bobby manages a comeback and catches a nice pargo (snapper) to finish the day.

Back to the pool at Casa Carolina in time to enjoy another beautiful Costa Rica sunset. So Bobby are you going back to NYC or do you want to quit that nice stockbroker job you have and come work for Frenzy Sportfishing? We would love to have you anytime!

See you soon my good friend. And hey, thanks for the photo.

The Frenzy continues...