Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hunter's Roosterfish

My friend Philip just return from Quepos and filed this report on his inshore day with his son Hunter who caught a nice roosterfish.

"Thanks to Jamie and Willie for helping us put together a great family vacation to Costa Rica. Your recommendations allowed us to make the most of our time. Special Thanks to Marco and Beatle Juice for a short but sweet inshore fishing trip on July 30th. The day started out pretty choppy and after boating a couple of needle fish and watching a group of Humpback Whales, my wife and daughter were not feeling so well so we took them back to the dock and let them return to the comfort of the Si Como No Hotel. My son, Hunter and I were determined to catch a Rooster so we decided to tough it out. We were able to make it back out just as the tide was turning and as Marco predicted we were rewarded with a couple of nice Rooster Fish. The first one was small and we managed to get it to the boat in short order. The second fish started off without much of a fight so Hunter and I sat in the chair to bring him in. Things changed quickly and 20 minutes later the fish had gotten the best of Hunter and a thunderstorm had found us as well. Hunter decided to become the photographer and I fought the fish for another 25 minutes before he finally gave up."



The high season of December through April is filling up so make your plans now to enjoy some of the best fishing that Costa Rica has to offer.

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Monday, August 3, 2009

Summertime Update ...

Check out this sea monster that I am holding for my good friend David Wielicki (right) while Beatle Juice (left) cuts the leader with his teeth. Nice fish David!!! Now about that mallard hunt in Canada that you promised me...

This and some other nice roosters were caught last week during my short stay in Manuel Antonio (Quepos). Though the visit was short I got a chance to see Captain Jose and mate Marco, our Operations Manager Willy and a mate we picked up for the summer "Beatle Juice". I also got to visit with my friends Marsha and Christel who own the fabulous restaurant El Gran Escape on the waterfront in Quepos. As usual everyone enoyed their dinner, particularly the Pargo Entero.

Here's my buddy Bobby from NYC with his roosterfish.

And my friend Chris "It's all part of the experience" Angel with his.

Hi guys! Betcha been wondering just what's been going on with the Frenzy blogerators. Well there has been a lot going on for sure. I'll run through the list with ya:

Numero Uno: It's been summertime and I have been fishing on our boat in SC and enjoying some high quality family time, walking my lab "Boo" on the beach in the morning and sitting on the beach in the evening drinking wine with Jenny, my wife of 24 years! So, you'll just have to forgive my lack of blog posts.

2) In Costa Rica, Willy, Jose and Marco have been running a few charters with some of our regular customers and a few with some new folks, like Clayton Robertson who sent me these photos from his recent trip.

Pretty work guys and great to hear that you enjoyed staying in our house "Casa Carolina" (www.CasaCarolinaQuepos.com).

3) Meanwhile we have been working on some upgrades to our website www.FrenzySportfishing.com. Some of the exciting features that will be added soon are a calendar showing availability of the boat, a video section showing some exciting videos of marlin, sailfish, roosterfish and even some videos showing how mate Marco rigs baits for circle hooks and how Frenzy team member Brian Thielicke ties our tournament flies! Kerwin will shoot me for posting that one! Our web site gets about 1,000 unique visitors a week as it is so we expect that number to really shoot up as we add a lot of content over the next several months.

4) The new 43 Maverick Express is coming along nicely. I visited Bimi Lebo at Maverick Boat Works last week and checked on the boat's progress. She really looks good. We're having Bimi install a sound system that really rocks. It will have a plug for all of our iPod toting customers!!! Now Jenny will be able to play her AC/DC while catching sails on fly and our daughter Charlotte can watch me dance to "Apple bottom jeans, boots with the fur..." You gotta embarrass your daughters! We will soon be taking reservations for days on the 43 for 2010. "Hey Marco, turn up the air conditioning in the cabin as I am getting a bit chilly on the 20 mile ride back to Quepos!!!"

Ok, now that you're reasonably well caught up with what's been going on this summer in CR I gotta run and get some work done so I can get up to NC later in the week to chase those crazy white marlin on fly.

Remember that high season in Costa Rica starts December 1st and it was on that day last year that the Frenzy caught her first marlin of the season. If you're thinking about booking a Costa Rica vacation and want to fish with the Frenzy team you better get in touch with Willy and get things rolling. Willy can be reached by phone at 011-506-8851-0935 or by e-mail at Willy@FrenzySportfishing.com.

The Frenzy continues ...

Jamie Walker
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Frenzy Sportfishing

Hey Kerwin cut me some slack when I post the fly tying video. Remember that it's all in the "wiggle"!