Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fishing Report for Feb 23rd - NEW RECORD FOR THE FRENZY!!!

Folks I am excited to report that the Frenzy's record of 20 sailfish set last year has finally been broken by my good friends Clay and Pat Johnston. Fishing with Captain Jose and Mate Marco they again set out for Cano Island. Fishing there has been terrific lately and yesterday was no exception. Jose reported to Willy by phone on the way in that they had released 25 sailfish! Pretty work guys!

They are taking today off and will be at it again tomorrow. I wish you good luck as ...

... the Frenzy continues!


Sunday, February 22, 2009

Fishing Report for Feb 22nd - 18 Sailfish Released!!!

Clay Johnston, his wife Pat and another couple are fishing the Frenzy for 3 days this week. Today was their first day offshore. Before Clay left for his trip I gave him two important pieces of advice: 1) where to eat and drink and 2) that there was a big gob of sails down off Cano Island and that is where they should fish. When they arrived in Quepos, Capt. Jose confirmed that the fish were still holding down there so that's where they headed to this morning when they left the dock at 6:30 am. It's 2 hours down to Cano so lines went in about 8:30.

When Marco pulled in the lines at the end of the day the tally was at 18 Sailfish Released and one dorado for dinner at the Si Como No hotel. Nice work guys! It really takes a huge team effort to pull off a day like this. You are all to be congratulated! I'm hoping to get some photos as they continue fishing this week. And, I'm hoping that they can top 20 fish one day. We'll see as ...

... the Frenzy continues!


Friday, February 20, 2009

Lieberman Update - February 20th

Well as you can see from these photos, the Lieberman's are enjoying Costa Rica. In addition to the billfish they've had nice catches of snook and roosterfish. Looks like they even convinced Eric Heiden (aka "Poppy") to jump into a rubber raft for a whitewater day. Never thought I would see Eric in a rubber boat unless it was a life boat offshore! Thanks for the photos Eric, keep 'em coming cause ...

... the Frenzy continues ...!


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Fishing report for Feb 18th - Roosters!

Today the Lieberman gang fished inshore. Willy reports that they really had a great day catching 6 roosterfish and 1 snook.

I love live baiting for roosterfish as it gives us a chance to fish around the beautiful coastline of Manuel Antonio National Park and my other secret spot further south. Recently with my friend Jimmy Herlong we fished down south where Jimmy caught his first roosterfish and even a sailfish in 50 feet of water. Go figure!

Regardless of whether you choose to fish inshore for roosterfish, snook, snapper and jacks or offshore for billfish, dorado or tuna, the fishing is spectacular this year. Contact Willy to check into availability as our calendar is filling quickly.

The Frenzy continues ...


Fishing Report for Feb 17th - 8 sailfish released

Here's a quick report for yesterday. Dr. Heiden and his clients fished the Frenzy yesterday. It was one of many trips for Eric but the first for his clients from South Carolina. They had 8 sailfish releases. Any dorado for dinner guys or were you just too busy catching billfish?

The Frenzy continues ...


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Kerwin's Marlin on Fly - The Video!

Here's the video of Kerwin's blue marlin he caught on fly during the recent GIFT tournament. If you want to watch it on You Tube, here's the link: www.youtube.com/watch?v=KSlVREWcJyI. Be sure to select the High Quality option.

The Frenzy continues ...


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Olivia's first sail on Fly!

Here's Olivia with her first sail on fly, and a nice one too! Kerwin says she's already showing signs of becoming a great angler having caught a marlin on conventional tackle back in January. Olivia says she prefers fly tackle like her dad. Guys you better take note 'cause this gal can fish! We'll be seeing more of Olivia's catches here on the blog when she comes back to Quepos in April.

Marco nice job teasing that fish in for Olivia!

The Frenzy continues ...


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Fishing Report for Feb 11th - Another great day!!!

Yesterday Robby Wilkins and his friends had a huge day on the Frenzy. Fishing the calm waters of Quepos, Capt Jose and mate Marco led Robby and friends to an exciting day. The action was fast and furious almost all day. The sailfish started chomping early on and didn't let up. At the end of the day the team had released 18 sailfish, 1 marlin and kept a huge dorado for dinner. Pretty work all around!!!

You better make your reservations to get down to Quepos and enjoy the fabulous fishing the Frenzy is having this year. E-mail Willy@frenzysportfishing.com to make your reservations.

The Frenzy continues ...


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fishing Report from Capt. Richard Watkins

This just in from Captain Richard Watkins who fished with another of our boats, the Moon Walker, run by my mate Marco's dad Rafa. Marco's brother Rudy mates on the boat. Even though the report is not from the Frenzy, I am posting it because Rafa and Rudy are part of the Frenzy Team!!! They also took second place in the recent GIFT Tournament.

Hola Willie,
Feb 5,6,7
Here is the report from our trip with Rafa and Rudy, the best sportfishing Captain and Mate duo in the entire Pacific. We went 3 for 5 on sailfish and 2 dolphin on Thursday and on Friday the action got crazy with 9 sailfish, 7 dolphin with the biggest at about 55 lb. and oh yeah I almost forgot while Rafa was showing the fish his teaser a 500lb Blue Marlin liked what she saw and decided to come in and investigate, Rudy threw out the pitch bait and when everyone thought we missed our shot the marlin exploded on the bait and it was on. The crew cleared the lines only to watch the hook get pulled. So instead of hanging our heads we ended up the day with a triple Bull dolphin hook up (talk about crazy) and this is when me and Rudy found out what it feels like to get our butts kicked by a 55 lb Bull Dolphin. The trip has now begun and it is the last day of fishing so we end it on a Terrible day with only 14 sailfish and a 300 lb Blue Marlin. My buddy Rob got his first billfish and his first Marlin in only a 24 hour period so he got to see the Blue Water up close and personal. Thanks again to Rafa and Rudy for a great time on the Costa Rican Play ground and Thanks to Willy for a problem free trip.

Thank you,
Capt. Richard Watkins

Hey nice job Capt. Richard and give your buddy Rob a pat on the back from all of us!

The Frenzy continues...


Frenzy Releases 20 sailfish - Sets New Record

I am still catching up on all the stuff that piled up on my desk over the last two weeks but Willy has sent me an e-mail giving a quick fishing report:

Saturday 7th - Frenzy releases 20 sailfish!!! This tops their 1 day record of 19 set last year.

Sunday 8th - Frenzy releases 9 sailfish and 3 dorado (mahi)

Monday 9th - Frenzy releases 1 sailfish, 1 yellowfin of 130 lbs, another yellowfin and 1 dorado

Pretty work guys as the Frenzy continues ...


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ok. I have shamelessly left up the blog post up about our winning the GIFT Tournament in the top spot for long enough. I have been holding back on updating the fishing reports from here in Quepos. The fishing remains strong and I will follow this post with some updated info but I wanted to get this comment posted that I just received from our friend Jason Jones from South Carolina. He and his crew fish with us back home and came here ahead of the tournament and just wore out the billfish. The e-mail he sent me says it all ...


I can't say enough about our trip last week. That was the most un-believable three days of fishing anyone of us has experienced in our lifetime: 30 sailfish, 1 blue Marlin, 3 Yellowfin 30-45 lbs, 2 mahi gaffers, & one stud mahi > 45 lbs. You've got me thinking about retiring my boat in Georgetown, SC and just go a few times a year in Costa Rica.

We've been on many charters, fished with many anglers, and taken many offshore trips ourselves and I have never seen two fisherman that impressed me as much as Jose and Marco. We had (4) double hook ups, and their uncanny ability continue to go after a sailfish and put it on the line well after it has surfaced was amazing, and oh yeah we never lost a single fish after hook up!

Here is a few highlight pictures, if your interested I 'll send you the DVD with them all (~ 250). Were trying to edit down the 3 hours of digital video and post it on youtube.com. Once that is done I'll let you know the link.

By the way, Willy should consider to run for mayor, as there is no one he doesn't know, and nothing he didn't accomplish for us when requested.

I'm sure I don't need to say this, but you should be extremely proud of your team there. While we will be booking our annual trips out of Georgetown with our customers shortly, I'm already planning next year’s
trip to Costa Rica asap.

Thank you,

Jason Jones

Jason thanks for the kind words! I am glad you guys had such a great trip. You set us up for our win in the GIFT. See you on the docks back home!

The Frenzy continues ...