Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring Break Frenzy - Fishing Day 2 - Monster Wahoo!!!

 Late afternoon swim after another great day on the Frenzy!

Yesterday we took the 43 out for another go at the sails. We found beautiful blue water about 30 miles out and started pulling teasers. The guys that didn't catch a sailfish on Sunday were up first and didn't have to wait long. We started raising sails right away and never had to wait long for action. Schultzy caught his first sail right off. We pulled it in the boat for a quick photo before releasing it.

Schultzy's first sail. Mate Will Freeman from Charleston assisting!

A short while later Benji rewarded the boat with a monster 47 pound wahoo. So far that's the boat record! Nice work Benji. We will enjoy the wahoo later this afternoon when Lizbeth fries up some wahoo fingers.
Nice 'hoo Benji!

Not to be outdone by their fishing buddies, Thomas and Bosie showed their skills as well with a couple of nice sails.
Thomas puts the heat on a sail while Mate Marco Solano prepares to grab the leader.

 Bosie gives "thumbs up" to another sail!

By the end of the day we had released 6 sailfish and boated a 47 pound wahoo and a nice dorado. When it was time to head back to Quepos the boys jumped in and swam for a few minutes in over 3,000 feet of water. So clear you could practically see the bottom. Well maybe not exactly...

The boys are all off for a canopy tour today up in the mountains near Quepos. Everyone should try the zipline because it really is a lot of fun. While they are gone, Lizbeth will be making dorado ceviche and frying up some wahoo fingers for our afternoon fiesta in the pool watching the sun set. With any luck we'll have another late afternoon visit from the squirrel monkeys.

Tomorrow we hit the blue water again for some more action. I am still looking for the first marlin on the new Frenzy 43. When we catch it we are all going swimming!

There are a few good dates left in April so come join Team Frenzy and be a part of the excitement!

The Spring Break Frenzy continues ...

Jamie (Condo Del Mar)

Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Break Frenzy - Day 1 - Quepos Grand Slam!!!

This week is our annual Spring Break at Casa Carolina. We have a house full of high school senior boys who love to fish! That's good because we are fishing 3 days this week on the Frenzy 43. We sure got off to a good start with a Quepos Grand Slam yesterday of yellowfin tuna, a huge wahoo and 4 sailfish. Those boys got the chance to see what a real "Frenzy" is when the yellowfin tuna started crashing the baits. After making quick work of them we boated 5 nice sized tunas and started thinking about dinner. They ended up being sashimi and titake at El Gran Escape restaurant in Quepos. Belton also made short work of the famous Raptor Burger!

Later on in the morning the left short rigger went off and after a 15 minute fight, Thomas had us dinner for tonight in the form of a 40 pound wahoo. Nice work Thomas!

The sailfish started chomping after the tuna's had mangled much of our bait rigs. We released a total of 4 sails for the day with yours truly going 2 for 2 on the circle hook rigs. Not bad for a flyfisherman, eh? So the guys got to see a lot of sea life with spinner and white bellied dolphins doing there thing balling bait. What a sight to see for sure.

Tonight at Casa Carolina we are grilling the wahoo at our weekly Costa Rican "typical" dinner. The wahoo will be expertly grilled by our gardener Saul while our housekeeper Lizbeth cooks some fabulous beans and rice along with a vegetable medley beyond compare!  Lizbeth made us a plate of hot wings this afternoon to enjoy by the pool while we watched the sun fall into the placid Pacific Ocean. Our manager Willy will orchestrate the whole evening and act as waiter and somellier all in one!

The Spring Break Frenzy continues ...

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Fishing update

Fishing remains good even with the warmer water that has moved in. Some days are better than others for sure but that's just fishing. Over the past two weeks the Frenzy 35 and 43 have seen their share of good days. A couple of days ago we went 2 for 6 on sails and caught a whopper dorado. Casa Carolina's housekeeper Lizbeth is making ceviche out of fresh dorado as I type this. There are still some open dates left in April but not many. April can be a great month for sailfish and particularly marlin so shoot Willy an e-mail ( and come on down!

The Frenzy continues...


A big sailfish always puts a smile on the angler's face! Nice going Pat!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Rafa works his magic

Once again Rafa Solano proves that he is one of the best captains in Costa Rica. Two lucky anglers got the benefit of Rafa's many years of experience today when Rafa and mate Johan took them fishing on an absolutely calm Pacific Ocean.

I have been at Casa Carolina all day working on boat and house stuff. Willy just talked to Rafa who reported that today they caught 3 dorado, one wahoo, 3 sailfish and a blue marlin. Pretty work Rafa! For many years I have fished with Rafa and even against him in tournaments and I have learned that you never bet against him! Almost as good as hearing of their catch is the news that Rafa has saved me a fillet of dorado and a fillet of wahoo! Now I can have some fresh ceviche and grilled wahoo!

Tomorrow I'll be out on the 43 in search of billfish on the fly and more ingredients for ceviche.

The Frenzy continues...