Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Steffen 2010 Christmas Trip

Days 1-5

As Lisa says we have been Laaaaazy!!! We were all very busy before leaving for Costa Rica. It is especially tough on Lisa because of having to close all the books at year end. Santa visited our house in Gig Harbor on Sunday the 19th. Good thing those elves have internet now. It seemed like I was checking the weather report hourly for several days as I was so hopeful we wouldn’t get snowed in. We were fortunate to have great weather and no delays on any flights.

We have just been kicking back so far. Actually resting up since our first day of fishing is tomorrow. Ian and Olivia are arguing as to who will get the first fish. Seeing old friends is one of the things we look forward to on each visit. I saw Enrique who was our van driver on one of my first trips to Costa Rica as a member of the Tacoma Five. We’ve had dinner at El Gran Escape (home of the Gray Invitational Fly Tournament) and visited with Marsha, the owner and a dear friend. I’ve also seen Rafa (Captain of the Frenzy II), Roger (Hollywood), and Beetlejuice who have both worked for us as mates in the past and many other friends.

I came across a picture of our mate Marco when he was about 12 years old and his Dad Rafa on one of my first trips to Costa Rica.

The kids love it here. Ian ( 7 now) is in heaven. The kid could eat chicken and tortillas every day, a little of Mom’s Guac as he calls it, and drink watermelon juice. He could live in the pool if I would let him. He has spent time with his novia, Monseratte, playing their video games.

Olivia….what can I say? A fourteen year old girl. Enough said!

The condo complex has really come a long way since our last visit. The new Suu hotel is open and filled to capacity for the holidays. The restaurant is open and busy. The new pool deck is complete and it’s great having pool-side service when you need a cool drink or snack. We have been rewarded with visits from Lisa’s relatives (the monkeys!!! LOL) every night between 4 and 5 PM.

We attended church services on Christmas Eve. It was all in Spanish so I had to ask Olivia for a translation since she is a star in her Spanish class back home. We didn’t understand the language but got the message any way. Back in the condo they were having a large fiesta in the restaurant. I have to admit it’s a bit weird hearing Christmas songs like “Let It Snow” and “Sleigh Ride” with a background of palm trees and 80 degree weather.

We have made a trip to the Marina and the facility has come a long way since ourlast trip. The marina store is open, there is paved parking and many boats I’ve never seen before. The Frenzy looks at home in it’s new berth and appears to be as anxious as we are to get fishin’! Well I’m off the bed to prepare for a day on the FRENZY!!!!

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