Monday, January 10, 2011

Steffen Family Christmas 2010 Day 7

The Marlin Fisherman are lazy today!!! They got up late and were moving slow. I guess catching all those big fish wears them out. We stopped last night at Marsha’s for a quick meal and to tell fish stories. She wants pictures of the kids and their fish to put up on her new “Wall of Shame”.

Ian was funny last night as I put him to bed, with his newly won Leatherman’s tool on his nightstand, he asked me if it was more difficult to catch a Marlin on a fly. I told him that yes it was much more difficult to catch one on the fly. He looked me in the eye and said “Well, I’m ready to catch one on a fly because I need something more advanced!!!”

I guess I don’t have to worry about Ian wanting to fish. We laughed all day today about that one and Lisa said that it would not be long before Ian would want to be my partner in the Harry Gray Fly Tournament. I said at the rate he is going, Jamie Walker is going to request Ian as his partner and demote me to third mate!

This afternoon we went to beautiful Casa Carolina for Lisa to meet with Willy and Ingrid to go over some work matters. As is the custom here, we are treated with great hospitality as Willy and Saule surprised us with lunch of hamburgers on the grill.

We got every one to bed early as we are going after Marlin again tomorrow. The Frenzy was out today and released two more marlin, broke the hook on another, and landed three yellow-fin tuna. Another boat we know had a marlin in the spread estimated at 1000lbs. Fortunately it didn’t bite. I wouldn’t want it to have a sore mouth when we are out tomorrow. The Frenzy continues…..

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