Friday, January 21, 2011

Steffen’s 2010 Christmas Break Last Day of Fishing

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It was a little easier getting up and going today. I guess catching two nice marlin was rejuvenating for every one. We are quickly to the boat and on our way for another exciting day aboard the Fabulous FRENZY!!!

We are soon fishing and the baits are in the water. Now it’s time for the fish to be lazy!!!!! The crew works hard but we just don’t see anything for a couple of hours. Suddenly the boys have pulled in the baits and we are high tailing it to a new place. We seem to be going faster than usual when Marco comes below and tells me a boat out of Los Suenos Marina is sinking and needs help. It seems that they were taking on water and their bilge pump was not working. We’ve now turned a fishing trip into a possible rescue mission. The boys get our spare pump ready to hand off and soon we are upon the vessel in distress. It is a friend of Jose’s and fortunately he managed to get his pump working. Another boat from Los Suenos threw them a line and began towing them back to their marina.

We were soon back to fishing and saw nothing until about noon when two sailfish come calling. The kids are napping and it’s Lisa that puts on the fighting belt and goes to work. The boys try frantically to get us hooked up for a double but the second fish won’t take the bait. Lisa makes quick work of a nice tournament size sailfish (she’ll kill me for this picture!) and the baits are quickly back in the water.

We have lunch of delicious meat-ball sandwiches from a new restaurant in town. Lisa is also working on getting another friend of ours to prepare some gourmet salads that will be available on the FRENZY menu.

It’s a quiet rest of the day and at 4pm we decide to head home. Lisa and I make our way to the bow, ready to kick back and enjoy the breeze on the way home. I never tire of this way to head back to shore watching the Quepos humps grow larger as we approach.

I hear some commotion up on the bridge and see that Marco and Jose are excited about something on the radar. We make a course correction and within minutes are upon a large school of dolphin and pilot whales. The boys are in gear and have tuna lures in the water in no time and we are quickly rewarded with a triple of football sized yellow-fin tuna.

We make quick work of the tuna and the baits are back in the water looking for more tuna. Instead, one of the reels starts screaming and I see a wake next to the boat that is definitely not tuna.

We give the rod to Olivia and she goes to work and lands a nice 150 pound Striped Marlin.

We head home a little later than usual and I get a report for the day. There were about 30 boats on the water today from two marinas. It was a slow day with a total of seven fish caught. The FRENZY had five of them. It’s always great to fish with the best crew in Costa Rica!!!

The Frenzy continues…….

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