Friday, January 21, 2011

Steffen’s Christmas Break- Parrots and New Year’s Eve

The last days of our trip come too soon for all of us. On Thursday Willy needed to pick up some bottom paint for the boat and located some in Jaco. Lisa and I decided to go with him and visit the resort at Los Suenos.

Willy drove and I got to enjoy the scenery on the way over. We passed the Tilapia farm that we visited with the kids on our last trip. Will definitely do that again one of these days.

Willy drops us as the Los Suenos shopping mall and heads off to get the paint. We wander through the shops and I check out the marina to see if I can find the boat we helped rescue yesterday. The marina seems small to me this time and I realize it is because I am already used to the much larger Marina Pez Vela.

Lisa gets some shopping done and we have a nice lunch and then head back to the quaint little town of Quepos and the tranquility of Manuel Antonio. The big resort life is just not for me. (Although I would like to play their golf course some time soon!)

The trip back is highlighted by a stop on the side of the road where we watch five wild MaCaw Parrots squawking at each other playfully high in a tree. My camera is in the condo and we can’t get a cell phone to take a decent photo so you have to take my word for it. We jump back in the car and less than a mile down the road we see an entire flock of these large and colorful parrots flying across the road. It is so strange to me to see them in the wild. Most parrots I’ve seen have been in a cage in the lobby of a hotel in Hawaii.

We concentrate on the fishing and sea life so much, I forget at times the biodiversity of this country and all it has to offer when you are not on the water. The Monteverde area is well known for it’s birding and the vast number of species that can be seen. One highlight I had was with Olivia when we were able to see a Firebill Toucan (sort of like the bird on the Fruit Loops box) in Manuel Antonio National Park on one of our private tours that Willy arranged.

We also love the butterflies that are everywhere and I was made aware of the fact that there are more species of butterflies in the small country of Costa Rica than on the entire continent of Africa. I learned all this on the tour of the butterfly farm and reptile garden located in Manuel Antonio (another great place to visit especially for kids).

Our last day at the condo is New Year’s Eve. There is a wonderful pool side party at the condo and the Hotel Parador next door sets off a great fireworks display at midnight for which we have the best seats in the house…….. on our deck.

The kids can't wait until next time!!!

The Frenzy continues....

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