Saturday, January 8, 2011

Steffen Family Christmas 2010 First Fishing Day at last!!!

As I said before we have been lazy this trip. It was a little tough this morning, especially getting the boy up and going. I got the coffee made and myself and the boy ready to go. Then it was wait for the 14 y.o. as she primped!!! My patience was really tested.

We hop in the car and it’s a quick trip to CafĂ© Milagro (now that the road to the condo is paved) so the Seattle girls can have their lattes to start the day. It’s an easy trip to Quepos and soon I slide into a paved parking space in the marina, purchase a license for Lisa, and step onto the Frenzy with ease!!! So different from the old days where it was an extreme adventure just to get down the gangway to the boat. We greet the crew and make a plan for the day. It’s decided to go offshore for marlin!!

I let the boy and mom snooze while we head to Jose’s chosen spot about 22 miles offshore. Olivia is on the bridge with Jose. We are soon in that beautiful cobalt blue water and the boat slows to trolling speed. The baits are dropped into the water and I begin talking to the family about who will be first up. I haven't finished getting out my first sentence when a marlin is crashing the left short teaser. Marco and second mate, Mako, work their magic and Olivia is soon fighting the first fish of the day. After about 30 minutes of excellent work and much coaching from Dad, she lands a nice Blue Marlin about 175 pounds.

Now it’s Ian’s turn. The crew works and works, with the boat zig and zagging, but not much action. We see porpoise playing, one sailfish on the surface, sea turtles, and flying fish which is fun for all of us but especially for the kids. It’s about noon and I’m watching the teasers when a Marlin does a suicide dive on the left short teaser. By the time the boys have done the marlin dance and finally hooked the same fish, I think it has attacked every teaser in our spread! Ian’s now in the chair.

I had found a small leatherman’s tool in my gear and that morning I told Ian he could have it if he would catch a big fish. A more determined face I’ve never seen as he did his best on this fish. After a good 30 minute fight Marco had touched the leader so it was a legal caught fish but we had no pictures. Suddenly we had an equipment failure as the rod snapped off about midway down. I learned something new as the boys went to work and before long we had spliced the line with the marlin on it onto a new rod and reel. Another 20 minutes and another nice Blue was along side estimated at about 300lbs. Ian says 325 and he is so smart I have to trust his judgment.

We all have a nice lunch of Arroz con Pollo and salad. The boy takes a well deserved rest with his new leatherman's tool, broken rod, and 150 leader nearly broken through. Now it’s Lisa’s turn. I threaten to call her Mr. Walker since her turn seems to take so long. It’s about 3PM and we get two more Laaaazy Marlin in the spread. The crew works hard but they just won’t bite.

We head home with a new family catch order. Lisa still in the lead with 400lbs. Now Ian is in second with 325lb (and a new leatherman tool in his pocket) and Oliva and Dad tied at 200lbs. The Frenzy Continues!!!!

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